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Apartment 3+1 bedrooms Luxury São João Batista Entroncamento - balcony, terrace

  • REFCY-1210460-23SX_S
  • Location-
  • Area131.70 m² | 263 m²
  • StatusUnder Construction
  • Construction-
  • View-
  • Town Centre-
  • Beach Dist-
  • Energy Efficiency
  • County: Santarém
  • Town: Entroncamento
  • Parish: São João Batista
  • Typology: T3+1
Magnificent 3 bedroom duplex apartment in Entroncamento, with 240sqm of floor area, located in a very noble and very quiet area of the city, very close to the most varied services such as the Hospital, Schools, Supermarkets varied and points of leisure and municipal sports, thus contributing to this become your dream home! With unparalleled areas of any property in the vicinity and with a luxury construction, this apartment holds all the versatility you are looking for. well-defined social zone, as well as the most intimate area of the property. It also has a guest bathroom inserted in the social area.

Hall 7.20sqm
Room 31.35sqm
Kitchen 15.45sqm
Balconies 20.10sqm
Circulation 9.05sqm
Toilet 5.35sqm
Bedroom 16.40sqm
Bedroom 16.75sqm
Suite w/ Closet 25.70sqm

Room 39.35sqm
Terrace 19.00sqm
Toilet 4.55sqm
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  • thumb-210312381_IDd0556901-0000-0500-0000-000011207fdf.jpg
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